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YachtingpagesWe spend 1/3 of our lives on our mattress. Research has shown that 95% of all mattresses is contaminated and a potential threat for health and safety. Not a very pleasant thought of having close personal contact with the surface that contains most dust mite and their excrement in any environment. Our mattress cleaning services are provided by our highly trained, professional staff. We work in an efficient and reliable way to create clean and hygienic sleeping arrangements. We use a range of advanced cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment for the best results.

Mattres cleaning yachts Mattress Cleaning Service

 UCC-Services mattress cleaning offer:

  • Service at your location
  • Dry cleaning method
  • Mattress directly available to sleep on
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Extends the life of your mattress
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Anti-allergen treatment
  • Wet cleaning method

The mattress cleaning process

Our mattress cleaning services are an efficient and reliable way of getting clean sleeping arrangements. As well as our top of the range equipment and professional staff.

4 Phases of deep cleaning the mattress

  1. The powerful, specially designed and portable mattress cleaning system generates high frequency vibrations. With this high frequency wave it pulverizes and loosens particles of dust, dirt and excrement in the mattress. As a result all pollution like the droppings of dust mites, dander and urine crystals are loose.
  2. The vacuum suction system is placed on the mattress and traps all dirt particles in a filter. This filter is designed to hold 99.97% of all pollution higher that 0.3 micron.
  3. UVC cleaning. In this phase the mattress is covered with a UV light which kills dust mites, bacteria and spores. This sterilization is completely free of chemicals.
  4. Your mattress is treated with anti-dust mite spray Mattress Cleaner. The spray works directly against odor, neutralizes the allergen-containing house dust mite feces and can be used on fresh stains.
Mattress cleaning services yachts Yacht cleaning services mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning wet method

With the wet cleaning of mattresses we remove stains, discolorations, mold and unwanted and musty odors. The mattress is first treated with a biological cleaning (non hazardous) agent especially for mattresses. We then spray hot water into the mattress with professional cleaning equipment, which immediately sucks up and drains the injected water together with the dirt. With this method, the mattress will need some drying time. We therefore advise when it comes to multiple mattresses to carry out this treatment in our warehouse which also houses industrial drying facilities. We dry the mattresses in our warehouse with special air blowers. In that case we will collect the mattresses and return the mattresses sealed. This means that maintenance work on your yacht can continue unhindered.

Mattresscleaning Yacht Wet cleaning mattress

Dust Mite and allergies

Mattresses are the ideal environment for dust mites. Dust mites are tiny creatures that are members of the Arachnid (spider) family. They thrive in temperatures of more than 20°C with a relative humidity of 60-80%. These conditions are found almost exclusively within the mattresses you sleep on every night. Bacteria infested flakes of dry skin from you and your pets offer dust mites a rich source of food. bed bugs and mitesTheir reproductive rate is very high. And their natural enemies, such as predatory mites, are extinct.

Up to 2,500 dust mites have been counted in one gram of dust. That means there are up to two million Dust Mites in one double size mattress! Each Dust Mite excretes approximately 20 pellets of excrement a day which contain allergens in the form of protease enzymes. These can attack the protective lining of the nose, throat and lungs. Moving around in bed makes the allergens airborne and easy to inhale. This stimulates the body's immune system, triggering the symptoms of asthma and rhinitis.

Mattresscleaning Yachts

Mattress pick up and return service?

UCC-Services provide a pick-up and delivery service, whether that be for specialist cleaning In house for items such as mattresses, rugs or upholstery or for the dry cleaning services. When servicing mattresses for instance and where we need to deep clean & remove mold, urine or sweat stains, we will clean them in house at our facility in Vijfhuizen. After we have dried them thoroughly using industrial blowers, we will deliver them back, clean, fresh, disinfected and vacuum packed.

Mattress vacuum packed Mattress Cleaning service

Contact about Yacht Services

YachtingpagesFor more information, contact UCC-Services on Tel: +31 (0) 23 - 576 23 95 and submit your questions to one of our Cleaning experts. We are happy to talk to you and to relieve you of your worries. For general questions or questions about cleaning custom upholstery, you can also send us a message via the contact form.


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