Polishing marble floors

Polishing marble floors? Are you looking for a specialist company that can clean, polish and restore your marble floor? Then you are at the right place. UCC Services offers an innovative way to restore your marble in a professional way. We sand (grind) by use of diamond pads to re-set the floor and clean your marble. We then move onto the crystallization and polish your marble. The treatment in which we polish your marble ensures a mirror or mat finish, you decide what is best for you. Grinding the marble in the initial stage will take out the scratches and smooth the marble, remove stains and the dull look ready for the final stages

UCC Services have worked with partners over the years to polish numerous marble in various customer locations which include, churches, banks, Airports, shopping centers and homes. Over the past five years, we have invested heavily in high-quality equipment and training. We use special diamond pads to clean and treat your marble and then polish your marble to a level of your choosing. We have specialist tools with us so that we can give your marble the desired finish.

Sanding, grinding and polishing of Marble

UCC Services ensures that the end result of your marble is to a high finish. We remove the dirt and discoloration by means of several steps during the marble treatment. For the end result, you can choose a mat marble finish or a high-gloss marble finish, which will bring the mirror effect back to your floor. The exclusive and luxurious high gloss marble finish is normally chosen by our customers.

Sanding marble, grinding Marble

Polishing marble floorsWe always start by inspecting the marble floor. We look at the soiling and general state of the marble, scratches ect. This is very important for us to determine which diamond discs to use to start grinding and to smooth the surface. The deeper the scratches in the marble, the coarser the diamond disc we use to complete the first step. Height differences are also tackled so that the floor is as good as even. After sanding or grinding the marble in the first step, we continue with the second stage. The marble is re-sanded or ground with a finer diamond disc. This ensures that the smallest scratches are removed. The joints are also included in the marble so that they are clean again and the original color of the floor is restored.

During the first two steps we use water to cool the marble while servicing. After treatment, we vacuum off the excess water that contains calc and soiling with a wet vacuum cleaner. After the marble floor has been sanded (ground) and the water has been extracted, the natural color of the floor is back to its original state. The floor now looks very clear and clean. The floor has a mat appearance without shine.

Polishing Marble

After the marble has been serviced and cleaned with all scratches removed, we begin polishing the marble, if desired. By polishing the marble, we actually ensure that the high gloss returns to the floor, which returns the mirror effect. This is a treatment of 2 to 4 steps depending on the status of the floor. The first step is to polish the marble with a diamond pad and water. This ensures that the surface of the marble becomes even smoother and tighter. We repeat this process 1 or 2 more times (depending on the hardness of the marble) with a finer diamond pad. Then we suck up the excess water from the marble again.

The last step is then to restore the high gloss in the marble. We do this by polishing the floor again with a very fine diamond pad and with special marble polishing powder and water. This last action ensures that your marble will start to mirror again after all the excess water has been extracted, we mop your marble completely and impregnate your marble with special natural stone soap. This ensures that the floor does not absorb dirt and your floor is maintenance-friendly.

Polishing marble and natural stone

Besides polishing marble, UCC Services is also specialized in cleaning and polishing other types of natural stone. UCC Services are fully experienced on all stone floors including the following stone types

  • Slate floors
  • Travertine floors
  • Granite floors
  • Marble floors
  • Limestone floors
  • Terrazzo floors
  • Vinyl floors

Polishing marble? Contact UCC Services

Would you like expert advice on your marble floor? Then contact UCC Services. We would be happy to visit you without obligation to inspect your marble. This way we make it possible to prepare a suitable offer that suits you. We have many years of experience when it comes to cleaning and polishing marble. When it comes to polishing marble floors, UCC Services primarily works for companies, government agencies, insurance companies, municipalities, and individuals. We generally work throughout the Netherlands.

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