The way we work at UCC-Services 

At UCC-Services we work with people that enjoy what they do. Our cleaning power comes first of all from our workforce. We value responsibility and involvement of our staff. Personal attention, short and direct communication and flexibility are at the core of our business.

Result driven cleaning 

UCC-Services work towards the best cleaning result. What is important? The daily cleaning of all offices, desks etc. or just the ones that need cleaning. We see what needs to be done and clean the efficient way. We clean with our eyes and intuition not on automatic pilot. Result driven cleaning requires overview, attention to detail and a sense of responsibility of the people doing the work. We take the job in hand seriously and train our workforce to work accordingly.

We make sure we clean what needs cleaning: vacuum a very dirty floor, give it an extra mob if it's needed. Clean a smudgy window, rather than going over the same clean desk and floor every time. Result drive cleaning is meaningful, efficient and more satisfactory. The customer specifies the level of services and we meet or exceed by implementing suitable work programs and frequent quality checks.

Working together for a cleaner environment

Cleaning sustainable is a constant process that needs to be monitored, evaluated and improved. We enjoy working together with our customers by looking into waste management, energy saving, recycling and corporate social responsibility. The key to sustainability is the behavior of people. That is why we train our people on why and how we use our eco-friendly solutions and materials.

UCC-Services contribute by working with eco-friendly products, controlled doses of cleaning solutions, minimal transport costs and we are open to take on and coach people that struggle to come back in the process of working.

People, planet and profit

UCC-Services separate glass, paper, plastic and rest waste at the recycling station for Schiphol based our customers. We donate plastic bottle tops for the KNGF - Geleidehonden and we donate old cartridges to the local school for extra funds, we send invoices, newsletters, schedules and wage slips electronically and we separate our own waste so it can be recycled.

UCC sustainability