Looking for Office Cleaning Services?

ucc services office cleaningOffice cleaning services are at the heart of our business. It is where we began, and where we excel. No matter your cleaning needs, we can deliver with the added benefit of effective site management, security-screened personnel and proven methods of cleaning. Happy, healthy and productive people on the work floor.

To ensure that your building remains in top condition throughout the working day, our office cleaning personnel will work around your staff causing minimum disruption to your ongoing business. We are the silent partner in your business that is seen but not heard.

At UCC-services we are committed to providing first class cleaning services, two way communications and a cleaning service that will enhance your building to a level of cleanliness with the use of eco-friendly cleaning materials.

UCC-Services invest in new technology and finding new methods of cleaning. We utilize all resources available and where necessary work with partners to provide optimum results and service.
UCC-Services offer innovative new cleaning systems and techniques which have been proven to deliver dramatic improvements to the efficiency of cleaning.

In offices we clean for the best workplace experience

What is important to you? The cleaning of e.g. all offices or just the ones that have been used? UCC-Services clean efficiently and aim for the best result. We clean with our eyes and common sense. We look and think about what we do. This means we clean what needs cleaning instead of working on the automatic pilot.

We clean all surfaces including desks, floors, empty bins, kitchens, sanitary facilities and provide washroom supplies. We can also clean windows and maintain carpets, floors and upholstery.

Genitor services

If for whatever reason your office is empty or out of use for a certain time, we can maintain it for the time being. We can open windows, run taps and keep the office hygienic, safe and presentable at all times.

The benefits of our professional cleaning services are:

The many benefits of our cleaning methods have been proven and the techniques have now been operating successfully for over 10 years helping to reduce costs and improve the presentation of the work floor.

  • Cleaning for result
  • A clean environment will result in better staff retention
  • Motivated staff
  • Effective use of resources
  • Eco-friendly cleaning materials
  • Best method of cleaning by training
  • Costs are significantly reduced
  • All security screened and uniformed personnel
  • Hands-on site management

Call us and arrange an onsite meeting on 023 5762 395 or email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an obligation free onsite meeting. We do our work with pleasure!