UCC-Services work towards a clean and fair world. Creating a clean and welcoming environment
where people can meet, eat, work and live!

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Why UCC-Services for your cleaning

UCC Services offer cleaning services. We are more than happy to help you behind the scenes to provide a hygienically clean environment, so you can do business as usual. By maintaining a clean environment people will be more inclined to be respectful and keep it clean.

Customer satisfaction

It’s all about customer satisfaction for UCC-Services. To guarantee our Service with a shine! We work with pleasant and representative people. UCC-Services have years of experience in providing facility cleaning services in fast moving environments such as Schiphol Airport, hotels, restaurants and nursing homes, where the appearance of the premises has to be 100% - 24/7 - and 365 days a year.

Drop us a line!

Whatever type of environment you manage or building size that you control, contact us for professional cleaning services. Together we can work on a solution that will deliver the result you are looking for.
We are happy to listen to your needs and to arrange an appointment to introduce UCC-Services on a more personal level.

Please call us on 023 - 5762 395 or
email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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How UCC-Services work

We clean and service many different types of environments, each with their own unique needs. Such as executive lounges, offices, hotels, nursing homes and empty tower blocks to name a few.

UCC-Services work to a pre-designed cleaning specification, based on years of experience in both professional and domestic cleaning.

UCC-Services can offer a professional and reliable cleaning service with fully security-screened, uniformed and motivated personnel. We pride ourselves on our service level, open communication and taking responsibility while working on site. Due to the number of staff on location at any time, we deliver what we promise and we do it with pleasure. All personnel are security-screened in order to cater for high security areas e.g. business lounges behind security in Schiphol, Embassies and the finance industry.

What UCC-Services offer

Over the years we have experienced the wants and needs in a number of specific branches that may benefit you. Next to keeping the costs at an acceptable level, one thing prevails in each and every type of business and that is business continuity. People passing through, a hotel room clean for the night, clean carpets in a theatre and fresh floors and mattresses in a nursing home.

In order to start fresh, we always suggest to start with a deep cleaning session. This is a thorough clean of all surfaces from top to bottom, including all windows, carpets, floors etc.. Keeping it clean involves: dusting, wiping, vacuuming, emptying bins and more. All based on your requirements and specifications. Sustainability in cleaning.


We strive to create a clean environment friendly in every way, for our customers, our staff and the environment. UCC-Services prides itself for using eco-friendly cleaning solutions with no addition of harsh chemicals. We are forever searching for new and better methods and techniques. We can only make this work if our team is aware and trained on the use of solutions, materials and equipment.


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