UCC Specialist cleaning


Specialist Cleaning


Industrial and commercial cleaning

UCC provides a full range of specialist cleaning services which include industrial cleaning, factory cleaning and the removal of nicotine from ceilings and walls.  We are also experienced in the stripping and re-waxing of linoleum flooring. Our carpet cleaning service is unique to the Netherlands and with a dry time of maximum 10 minutes for wool, dry on completion – synthetic low profile.

Our teams undergo extensive training in specialist cleaning processes, products, Health and Safety and industry regulations and legislation to equip them to work within hazardous environments. Our aim is to clean each establishment in a safe and secure manner.

We also understand the importance of yield management and that work has to continue, whether that be a hotel clean where rooms have to be instantly available or factory floors where production has to continue. We work to the requirements of the customer and keep to pre agreed time scales ensuring business is not interrupted through our services.

Call us on 023 5762 395 or email at sales@ucc-services.nl to book an onsite appointment.
We do our work with pleasure!