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Shop Cleaning


UCC-Services offer a very structured cleaning package for shop cleaning. Every retail area is different with the customer flow, opening times and also the level of soiling. We can save you time and money with our no nonsense retail cleaning services with our professional and disciplined personnel and we do it with pleasure.

Shopping is largely about appearances. People are drawn to products that are attractively packaged, which make them feel good about themselves and the company selling the items in question.

A clean shop is paramount to attracting new and potential customers. The importance of keeping the shop or retail outlet spick and span could mean the difference between a sale and a customer walking. People come and go in and out of shops all the time, trailing in dust, mud and dirt behind them. This is where UCC-Services can help take over some of the cleaning burden with our structured cleaning package.

We can work out a cleaning schedule with you and to your specification. Together we can make sure your shop or retail outlet is presented in the best possible light. Our personnel can make the shop front gleam and the back offices shine, to encourage repeat customers and increased staff morale.


Open for business

UCC have many years experience working with shops in the Amsterdam and surrounding areas. We provide a structured and personalized shop cleaning service with open communication and a contact person that is dedicated solely for the retail sector.

Our working hours are flexible to suit your opening and closing times, our teams are fully trained and security screened with our services performed at the highest level of proficiency.  


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Looking for shop cleaning services? Contact UCC-Services now on 023 5762 395 or email us at sales@ucc-services.nl to find out more. We welcome large and also smaller projects in the Amsterdam and surrounding area. We do our work with pleasure!