UCC Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning Services


The carpet cleaning division from UCC-Services has an innovative new way of cleaning carpets professionally that goes way beyond traditional cleaning techniques. Restoring carpets to premium condition and helping to extend their lifespan, using technology and methods that are not yet available in The Netherlands. UCC-services are a leading force in carpet cleaning and restoration.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic office environment is paramount to portraying a professional business image. Carpets and flooring represent a significant investment, however all too often their ongoing care is overlooked and, even over a short amount of time this neglect can be obvious to visitors and staff alike.

We combine a unique system with the most advanced equipment, operated exclusively by highly qualified technicians. Our carpet cleaning department only focuses on this area of cleaning with results guaranteed.


  • Dry on completion – synthetic 20 minutes dry time with high wool content
  • A unique program – designed around your specific requirements
  • Detailed analysis and planning for proven best outcomes
  • Four different cleaning methods used for different fiber types and soiling
  • Full restoration and maintenance programs, breathing new life into your carpets

Furthermore we offer

  • A fast response service with quick-dry deep cleaning – leaving you free to get on with business
  • Advanced equipment and carpet cleaning specialists – ensuring outstanding quality
  • Staff trained in customer service – important when working in public areas
  • All security screened personnel


The show must go on!

Over the years we have learned and experienced the needs and wants in a number of specific branches that may benefit you. Next to keeping the cost at an acceptable level,one thing prevails in each and every type of business and that is business continuity. So if your show must go on… we are more than happy to help you behind the scenes.

Benefits for hotels

  • Yield management stays intact – rooms are available for re-sale straight after cleaning
  • Business as usual – no disruption to your daily business
  • Noise level – no noise means cleaning can be done in normal working hours
  • Instant dry time – no moisture, odors and rooms can be cleaned between check out and check in

Benefits for offices

  • Large surface areas in a short time – 200m2 can be cleaned per hour on a clear run
  • Noise level – no noise means carpets can be cleaned/restored while personnel are still working
  • Cost reduction – no shift allowances as work can be done during office hours more cost effective than replacing carpets
  • Business usual - no disruption to your daily business and surface area available in 0 to 20 minutes
  • Instant dry time – people can walk on the carpet during or after we clean with no consequence

Empty office buildings

  • Instant dry time - low moisture and no need for windows to be opened
  • Cost reduction - no need for heating to be turned on saving money due to instant dry time and low moisture
  • All security screened personnel – trusted individuals that take pride in their work keeping the building safe and secure during and after cleaning
  • Large surface areas in a short time – 200m2 can be cleaned per hour on a clear run
  • Presentation – office space ready for instant re-hire on completion, carpets disinfected and anti static
  • No water saturation – no lingering moisture in the air during or after cleaning