UCC Event Cleaning


Event Cleaning


UCC-Services offer a cleaning regime that caters for all residential and commercial Events. We work in Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht regions providing a high number of personnel that conduct cleaning services at the end of shows, presentations and also exhibitions. We also provide cleaning personnel while the event is in progress helping either as waiters/waitresses or just to keep the venue as clean as possible throughout the duration of the event.

Everyone enjoys a great event, whether it is a party, product launch, film premier, sporting trial or an exhibition. Less enjoyable, however, is the cleaning up afterwards. Suddenly, the glitz and glamour has disappeared along with the final departing guests. UCC can bring the smile back and we do it with pleasure with all work being managed throughout.

UCC invites you to bask in the glory of a successful event without having to think about the clean up by allowing one of our expert teams to sort everything out for you. We will work with you to provide a professional events cleaning service that will quickly have things back to normal and neat and tidy once more.


You hold the event, we’ll clean up afterwards

We offer an unbeatable after event cleaning service that will ensure sparkling clean results and a speedy, efficient service. We will be in and out of your premises in no time, working quietly and unobtrusively until we get the job done.

UCC have built up a reputation for excellent quality and reliability. We are not daunted by large jobs as we have a very motivated team of personnel and enjoy a good challenge. Our tried and tested events cleaning service produces excellent results. Why not try us and see for yourself?


Get in touch

Speak to us about our professional service for event cleaning in the above mentioned areas. We can discuss your needs by phone on 023 5762 395 or if you prefer to get in touch by email, you can do so via Sales@ucc-services.nl. We offer answers to your questions with speed as we know how important organizing and planning an event can be. We do our work with pleasure!